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2017 Florida Building Code Energy Conservation Sixth Edition Loose Leaf

Product Code/ISBN: 5681L17

The 2017 Florida Building Code – Energy Conservation, 6th Edition is based fully on and integrates the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.  Energy conservation can be extremely important to your business, and can save you money in the long run.  Although most states adapt the International Code series for their uniform code, some states have taken it upon themselves to create their own code.  The Florida codes are revised and republished every 3 years.  For your convenience chapter tabs are included to make searching for codes and standards much easier. 

This code goes into effect on December 31, 2017.

Table of Contents

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 1 (CE) Scope and Administration

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 2 (CE) Definitions

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 3 (CE) General Requirements

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 4 (CE) Commercial Energy Efficiency

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 5 (CE) Exiting Buildings

Commercial Provisions – Chapter 6 (CE) Referenced Standards

Commercial Provisions – Appendix CA Forms

Commercial Provisions – Index

Residential Provisions Table of Contents

Residential Provisions – Chapter 1 (RE) Scope and Administration

Residential Provisions – Chapter 2 (RE) Definitions

Residential Provisions – Chapter 3 (RE) General Requirements

Residential Provisions – Chapter 4 (RE) Residential Energy Efficiency

Residential Provisions – Chapter 5 (RE) Existing Buildings

Residential Provisions – Chapter 6 (RE) Referenced Standards

Residential Provisions – Recommended Procedure for Worst-Case Testing of Atmospheric Venting Systems Under R402 or R405 Conditions ≤ 5 ACH50

Residential Provisions – Solar-Ready Provisions – Detached One- and Two Family Dwellings, Multiple Single – Family Dwellings (Townhouses)

Residential Provisions – Appendix RC Calculation of End Use Energy Loads

Residential Provisions – Appendix RD Forms

Residential Provisions – Index

About the publisher:  The International Code Council is responsible for creating a uniform code that can be used across different regions and different types of businesses.  The International Code series is updated and re-published every 3 years.  Before the International Code Council created a uniform code, there was no uniform code for businesses to go by.