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2017 Florida Building Code Plumbing 6th LL

Product Code/ISBN: 5621L17

The 2017 Florida Building Code: Plumbing, 6th Edition is here for all of your plumbing needs in the state of Florida.  This fully integrated code is based on the 2015 International Plumbing Code published by the International Code Council.  Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the plumbing code book and don’t get caught with older codes! Avoid penalties and keep your company safe with the latest standards. 

This is a must have toolbox of information.  It covers everything from sizes of pipes to vent information to drainage! This is the must have plumbing standard in the plumbing industry.  The book is brought to you in a very convenient loose leaf format.  With this format you can store the book how you want, and transport it to various job sites much easier than a traditional hardback book format.  An index is included to be able to look up those important terms in the moment you need them.  This manual even includes chapter tabs to be able to use it more efficiently and easier from chapter to chapter.

This is the ultimate plumbing code book, so don’t miss this opportunity to add it to your collection!

Table of Contents

Scope and Administration

Scope and Application
Administration and Enforcement

General Regulations
Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture Fittings
Water Heaters
Water Supply and Distribution
Sanitary Drainage
Indirect/Special Waste
Traps, Interceptors and Separators
Storm Drainage
Special Piping and Storage Systems
Nonpotable Water Systems
Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems
Referenced Standards

Appendix A: Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

Appendix B: Rates of Rainfall for Various Cities

Appendix C: Structural Safety

Appendix D: Degree Day and Design Temperatures

Appendix E: Sizing of Water Piping System

Appendix F: Proposed Construction Building Codes for Turf and Landscape Irrigation Systems