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2017 Florida Building Code Test Protocols for High Velocity Hurricane Zones Sixth Edition Loose Leaf

Product Code/ISBN: 5602L17

The 2017 Florida Building Code -Test Protocols for High Velocity Hurricane Zones, Sixth Edition Loose Leaf is now on the market for all you code and standard procedure needs.  2014 was the last year to produce a Florida state code, and every 3 years the International Code Council release a new series of codes that covers brand new changes and additions to stay compliant with.  The brand new 2017 edition brings several new topics to the table including:

  • Requirements for attachment of perimeter wood blocking and metal flashing during roofing application
  • Installation of mechanically fastened roof tile systems for roofing applications
  • Mortar and adhesive set tile for roofing installation
  • Standard procedures for installation for roof shingles, installation of metal roof systems and other fastened roof tile systems
  • Testing application test procedures for static uplift and self-adhered underpayments for uses in a discontinuous roof system
  • Test procedures on roof edge termination performance, metal pull-off performance, and coping cap pull-off performance
  • Information and updated procedures on air permeability testing of rigid systems as well as testing for withdrawal resistant of mechanical fasteners. 
  • Brand new additions and requirements for white roof specification, non-fibered roof foundations and coal tar roof cement. 
  • Testing procedures for wind tunnel testing and wind resistance for discontinuous roof systems. 
  • In depth information on requirements for mechanical attachment of single-ply roof coverings to various substrates. 
  • Testing procedure coverage on nail-on underpayment for use in discontinuous roof systems as well as field withdrawal and resistance testing systems. 
  • And many more!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to add this essential book to your collection.  Staying code compliant is the best way to stay safe and efficient, while also staying up to date with the newest acceptable materials and methods.  Don’t delay in ordering your copy today, you won’t regret it!