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2017 Los Angeles County Electrical Code (Complete)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557019189

This package includes the 2017 County of Los Angeles Electrical Code Amendment pages, the 2016 California Electrical Code, Title 24 Part 3, and a custom binder to house both volumes of the integrated code (7-hole drilled).

Los Angeles County Code Title 27 -- Based on the 2016 California Electrical Code and the 2014 National Electrical Code.

This book is the third part of thirteen total parts of the official compilation, publication, amendments and repeal of administrative regulations to California Code of Regulations, Title 24, also referred to as the California Building Standards Code, making this particular book (the third part) the California Electrical Code and incorporates the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code with the California amendments for both city and county. Amendments are sold separately for each city/county.

The format of this code is written in such a way (with symbols and legend notation) that is it suggested that users review the following contents: How To Distinguish Model Code Language From California Amendments and Matrix Adoption Tables, located at the beginning of each chapter.

This book contains 9 chapters all containing knowledge on the most efficient and safest ways to install and maintain electrical systems in the County of Los Angeles for the year 2017. The first chapter goes over nomenclature and general definitions of terminology used in the rest of the book. While the second chapter goes over wiring and protection. More specifically the use and identification of grounded conductors, branch circuits, branch-circuit ratings, required outlets, feeders, branch-circuit and service calculations, branch circuit load calculations and farm load calculations. Part of chapter 2 also mentions services and over current protection: overhead service conductors, underground service conductors, service-entrance conductors, disconnecting and guarding, plug fuses, fuse holders and adapters, cartridge fuses and fuse holders, as well as circuit breakers. This is only a preview of 2 of the 9 chapters of content in this book.