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2017 National Electrical Safety Code Handbook

Product Code/ISBN: 9781259584152

Is the 2017 National Electric Code more confusing than it is helpful?  Confused on what it asks you to do?  The National Electrical Safety Code 2017 Handbook is here to clear things up for you.  This is a must-own guide for anyone who does work with the 2017 NEC. 

This guide was specifically designed to be used as a companion piece to the code itself and will give you concise summaries on those hard to understand standards in the 2017 NEC.  Also included for your learning enhancement are diagrams, photos, and even practical examples to make sure you don’t miss a single piece of information. 

Written by the experts who use the code everyday this is an invaluable resource to add to your collection.  Don’t try and untangle the code yourself, let the National Electrical Safety Code 2017 Handbook help you!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the National Electrical Safety Code
  2. Definitions of Special Terms
  3. References
  4. Grounding Methods for Electric Supply and Communication Facilities
  5. Purpose and Scope of Rules
  6. Protective Arrangements in Electric Supply Stations
  7. Installation and Maintenance of Equipment
  8. Rotating Equipment
  9. Storage Batteries
  10. Transformers and Regulators
  11. Conductors
  12. Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, Switches, and Fuses
  13. Switchgear and Metal-Enclosed Bus
  14. Surge Arresters
  15. Purpose, Scope and Application of Rules
  16. General Requirements
  17. Relations between Various Classes of Lines and Equipment
  18. Clearances
  19. Grades of Construction
  20. Loadings for Grades B and C
  21. Strength Requirements
  22. Line Insulation
  23. Purpose, Scope, and Application of Rules
  24. General Requirements Applying to Underground Lines
  25. Underground Conduit Systems
  26. Supply Cable
  27. Cable in Underground Structures
  28. Risers
  29. Supply Cable Terminations
  30. Equipment
  31. Installation in Tunnels
  32. Purpose and Scope
  33. Supply and Communications Systems – Rules for Employers
  34. General Rules for Employees
  35. Additional Rules for Supply Employees