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2017 NEC - National Electrical Code Handbook

Product Code/ISBN: 70HB17

Based on the 2017 National Electrical Code, this handbook is the perfect guide to helping you understand and comply with the code better.  Have you ever tried to explain the National Electrical Code to someone who doesn’t have a background in the electrical field?  A customer or perhaps a client?  Then this is the next book you need to add to your library.  This handbook makes confusing codes like the NEC easy to understand and apply even if you do not have any electrical training. 

This brand new edition comes complete with the newest and latest trends and changes in the industry including changes that affect residential, commercial, and industrial work.  To make the code even easier to understand and to enhance your learning each major code change is accompanied by the reasoning behind the change.  This is especially useful when that reasoning can affect your designs or plans for your project.  So next time you are on a project, or trying to explain the NEC in simpler terms, make life easier and do it with the 2017 National Electrical Code Handbook.  You won’t regret it!

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Wiring and Protection
  3. Wiring Methods and Materials
  4. Equipment for General use
  5. Special Occupancies
  6. Special Equipment
  7. Special Conditions
  8. Communications Systems
  9. Tables

Informative Annex A: Product Safety Standards

Informative Annex B: Application Information from Ampacity Calculation

Informative Annex C: Conduit and Tubing Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size

Informative Annex D: Examples

Informative Annex E: Types of Construction

Informative Annex F: Availability and Reliability for Critical Operations Power Systems; and Development and Implementation of Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) for Critical Operations Power Systems

Informative Annex G: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Informative Annex H: Administration and Enforcement

Informative Annex I: Recommended Tightening Torque Tables from UL Standard 486A-B

Informative Annex J: ADA Standards for Accessible Design