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2017 Significant Changes to the Florida Building Code: Building Sixth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 5615S17

This incredible resource is here to heighten your understanding of the Florida Building Code – Building, Sixth Edition 2017.  The 2017 Significant Changes to the Florida Building Code: Building, Sixth Edition will give you everything you need to understand and apply the new changes brought to the 2017 edition of the building code.  It will give you an extremely practical analysis of the changes introduced in the code as well as illustration, photographs, and examples to help increase your understanding and help you with code compliance. 

Each change presented in this must-have manual includes the affected section of the code as well as the changes in language or deleted text that might have been the cause of the change.  The deleted text has a line through it, while the new code additions are underlined to help you identify the changes easily.  The book is organized into different sections depending on the matter or subject of the changes in the code.  There are seven different categories.  Don’t just grab the new 2017 building code changes, UNDERSTAND the changes.  Everyone in the construction industry can benefit from this guide.  But it is especially useful if you are an engineer, architect, inspector or involved in the fire or building department. 

Don’t wait another minute to reinforce your understanding of the Florida Building Codes.  Understand the meaning behind the changes and make sure you understand completely what the changes are asking of you and your business. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1

Administration Chapters 1 and 2

Part 2

Building Planning Chapters 3 through 6

Part 3

Fire Protection Chapters 7 through 9

Part 4

Means of Egress Chapter 10

Part 5

Accessibility Chapter 11

Part 6

Building Envelope, Structural Systems, and Construction Materials Chapters 12 through 26

Part 7

Building Services, Special Devices, and Special Conditions Chapters 27 through 34