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2017 Significant Changes to the Florida Building Code: Residential Sixth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 5616S17

Need help in understanding and applying the changes that always come in new editions of the Florida Building Code?  2017 Significant Changes to the Florida Building Code: Residential, Sixth Edition is the perfect companion piece you need to understand more fully the reasoning behind the code changes.  Every three years the Florida Building Code is changes and there are always countless additions and changes with the new editions.  As a business owner it is pertinent to understand the changes and why they were made.  With more understanding comes information that can make it easier to adopt these codes, which ultimately affect your bottom line as a business.  If you aren’t complying with the latest code changes you could face hefty penalties and fines or create an un-safe environment for your employees and customers. 

Although the changes mostly have to deal with codes, there are also changes to acceptable materials and new standards that are taking shape in the industry.  Each code change that is included in this must-have manual go through the text or language changes (the old code language has a line through it, the new code is underlined) as well as detailed photographs, illustrations, and examples that help to enhance your understanding of the code.  The more you understand the changes, the easier it is to apply them to your company. 

So don’t delay in getting your copy of this great companion product today! It’s great for fire department personal, building inspectors, architects, and engineers.  If you already have your copy of the 2017 Florida Building Code – Residential, Sixth Edition 2017 then you need this guide to complete the set!

Table of Contents

Part 1

Administration Chapters 1 and 2

Part 2

Building Planning Chapter 3

Part 3

Building Construction Chapters 4 through 10

Part 4

Mechanical Chapters 12 through 23

Part 5

Fuel Gas Chapter 24

Part 6

Plumbing Chapters 25 through 33

Part 7

Electrical Chapters 34 through 43

Part 8

Energy Conservation