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2018 Greenbook, Field Edition, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557019547

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This take-it-anywhere companion pocket edition makes it easy for professionals in the field to check specifications, installation techniques, material requirements, and much more, while out and about. The pocket edition of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction has been carefully edited to provide all the essential data that most likely needs to be checked in the field.

When it's essential to check that standards are maintained, this guide can provide the facts and specs you need on the spot. Over 300 pages packed into a convenient reference that easily fits into your pocket or briefcase and is ready to pull out when you need answers in the field.

The Greenbook is designed to aid in furthering uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction, and to take such other steps as are designed to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors. It is used by many municipalities for gauging construction standards on public works construction. It is especially useful when comparing competitive bids among contractors, or for contractors in making sure their bids are to required standards.

If you are in public works construction, the 2018 Greenbook Field Edition makes it much easier to check public works specifications in the field. Order yours now!