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2018 ICC International Fire Code IFC SC

Product Code/ISBN: 3400S18

Keeping your building and company safe from fires is one of the most important safety aspects.  You can now get the 2018 International Fire Code and stay up to date with all the new standards in general precautions, preparedness, water supplies, fire department access, emergency planning, automatic sprinkler systems, special hazards, fire alarm systems, and how to store those hazardous materials.  This guide contains everything you will need to prevent those fires from breaking out in the work place while also helping you in case a fire does start by helping you make the necessary changes for easy extinguishing.  Don’t put your business in jeopardy by following those old codes and standards.  The 2018 version come complete with some key changes in the IFC like:

  • Brand new information and standards which layout the changes made to outdoor pallet storage, mobile food trucks, plant processing extraction activities, and higher education laboratories. 
  • The sprinkler protection that was required for group E occupancies has been expanded due to the inclusion of new thresholds that are related to fire areas. 
  • Now group A manual fire alarm systems are required when the occupant load is 300 or more and also when the occupant load exceeds 100 above or below the lowest level of exit discharge. 
  • Many changes and requirements added for college and university buildings.
  • New additions require illumination for the exit signs and the travel path so there can be a safe dispersal of the area and for all occupancies.
  • Energy systems has been added as a new chapter
  • Fire watch requirements for construction and demolition have been changed and improved. 
  • Gas detection information and the code relating to it have been improved to reflect more of the industry practice.
  • And many more changes!

Don’t put your business or company in danger by not getting the most up to date codes.  Order your copy today!