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2018 ICC International Mechanical Code IMC LL

Product Code/ISBN: 3300L18

The International Code Council revises their International Code series every three years and the 2018 International Mechanical Code Loose Leaf has finally been released! This text will give you the most in depth information on mechanical systems as well as the newest materials, standards, code changes, methods, and designs.  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to own this must-have code in an extremely versatile form.  By ordering the loose leaf format you have the opportunity to only take with you the chapters you need instead of carrying the entire code book.  Save yourself time and effort by creating the code book directly for you!  Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and additions in the 2018 version.  Some of the changes include:

  • Brand new coverage and information on pollution control units.
  • Type 1 kitchen hoods can now have the clearance for combustibles of less than 18 inches.
  • Brand new information and coverage about non-metallic ducts and phenolic ducts.
  • New information and coverage on high volume large diameter fans, which are also known as high volume low speed fans.
  • The requirements for duct joints and snap and button lock duct joints have been loosened. 

Don’t get stuck using one of the older codes.  The 2018 version has everything you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes so make sure you are doing your doing the most efficient way possible.  Don’t delay in ordering your copy today!

About the publisher:  The International Code Council (ICC) was created on the basis of developing and adopting one singular code across different regions and companies.  The need grew for a singular code after there arose problems with companies applying various different codes.  Now the ICC revises their codes every three years and has branched into creating certificate programs, educational help, and online literature.