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2018 ICC International Solar Energy Provisions ISEP SC

Product Code/ISBN: 4751S18

The 2018 International Solar Energy Provisions guide is here! This complete resource guide is your key to solar energy-related provisions from the 2018 International Code books and the NFPA 70: 2017 National Electrical Code all in one must-have text.  This essential manual gives you all of the best and most comprehensive information for installation, design, and administration dealing with solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.  All of the information is presented to you in a clear and organized way.  The organization is very much the same as the International Energy Conservation Code.  The Solar Commercial and Residential provisions have been separated to make things easier to read and understand.  Included in the brand new 2018 version are three referenced standards throughout the guide: the SRCC Standard 600 (Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Concentrating Collectors), the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) Standard 100 (Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Collectors), and the Standard 300 (Minimum Standards fro Solar Water Heating Systems).  There are also additional features which include sample solar permitting forms and several links to the U.S. Department of Energy solar site access.  With all of its features and resources this is the best guide that you could ever need for all of your solar and energy-related provision needs.  Do yourself a favor and grab your copy today!


About the publisher:  In 1994 the International Code Council (ICC) was created by combining three different code creating groups into one big group.  Before this time the three different groups created three different codes.  After it’s creation the ICC became responsible for creating one uniform code to be adopted over any different region or business.  Now the ICC has expanded their product line to not only include their regular set of code series every three years but to also include certification programs, digital products, reviewing services, career assistance, and workbooks/handbooks.