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2018 ICC International Zoning Code IZC SC

Product Code/ISBN: 3900S18

The 2018 International Zoning Code is a must-have guide for city planners, code officials and developers.  This essential code book will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to stay current with the latest changes and additions in the zoning codes.  Knowing the newest provision changes or changes in standards is extremely important to a zoning official and the 2018 International Zoning Code is the next book you need to add to your library.  Don’t start your next workday without a copy, order yours today!


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About the publisher:  The International Code Council (ICC) is responsible for creating a uniform code that can be applied and adopted across many different types of businesses and regions.  They have over 350 chapters that each focus on a different part of the International Code.  The ICC is also comprised of several different sub-companies that help with the process as well.  The ICC Evaluation Service is responsible for evaluating and rating different buildings and materials and seeing if they have adopted the changes in the codes.  S. K. Ghosh Associates provides code consulting services to businesses, trade associations, engineers, government agencies and code-writing bodies to help them with the design and construction process of creating a building.  The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation manufactures and tests the efficiency of solar equipment used in the codes.  The International Accreditation Service accredits different buildings and laboratories used for the International Code process.  All of these businesses work together to create the International Code Council.