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2018 Michigan Plumbing Code

Product Code/ISBN: 3200S18MI

The 2018 Michigan Plumbing Code is based off the 2018 International Plumbing Code from the International Code Council.  Staying current and up-to-date with the latest plumbing code is crucial for your business.  Complying with the code will not only keep your company safe from hefty fine, but it will also keep your employees and customers safe.  New codes bring the newest and latest materials and techniques used in the plumbing industry straight to your fingertips.  Not following these materials, or using old codes and techniques can potentially be harmful to you and your business.  Every business has to follow the code and adhere to the standards including companies like Black & Decker and the United State Postal Service!

Don’t start another project or give another estimate without grabbing this newly updated code.  Stay up-to-date with all the changes and make sure you are complying, because you know everyone else is! Grab your copy of the 2018 Michigan Plumbing Code today!