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2018 Uniform Mechanical Code LL

Product Code/ISBN: 12-18LT

The 2018 Uniform Mechanical Code is now available in loose-leaf format! The 2018 UMC is extremely important because it is one of the first codes to address specific provisions for low Global Warming Potential refrigerating, by including information about the flammability of refrigerants like A2L and B2L.  Aside from this major milestone, the 2018 Uniform Mechanical Code provides you with all of the information you need for the installation and maintenance of cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, and heating systems.  

This code is created by those who use it like enforcing authorities, installers, consumers, and researchers.  It is developed under the supervision of the ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, which makes this book a standard that is followed in the industry. The new 2018 edition features brand-new information on topics like pressure regulator requirements, provisions for duct systems, requirements for solid-fuel burning appliances, and requirements for piping and other types of materials used for hydronic systems.  If your work has you involved with mechanical systems of any kind, this is the next code book you need to add to your library.  And now, with the loose-leaf format, you don’t have to worry about taking the entire book around with you on the job.  The loose-leaf format provides you with a versatile way to transport your book and bring your information with you.  Order your copy today!

Table of Contents

1. Administration
2. Definitions
3. General Regulations
4. Ventilation Air
5. Exhaust Systems

a. Environmental Air Ducts and Product-Conveying Systems

b. Commercial Hoods and Kitchen Ventilation

6. Duct Systems
7. Combustion Air
8. Chimneys and Vents
9. Installation of Specific Appliances
10. Boilers and Pressure Vessels
11. Refrigeration
12. Refrigeration Systems
13. Hydronics
14. Fuel Gas Piping
15. Process Piping
16. Solar Energy Systems
17. Stationary Power Plants
18. Referenced Standards