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2018 Uniform Plumbing Code LL

Product Code/ISBN: 10-18LT

The new 2018 edition is the sixth edition that is produced in conjunction with the ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, which means this guide is a national standard.  Compliance is mandatory but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.  The 2018 UPC was created by the people who use it with references and suggestions from laborers, researchers, enforcing authorities, consumers, and maintenance workers. The 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code is now available is loose leaf format.  Don’t tire yourself by dragging around the entire book, only take the pages you need with you to the job.  The incredibly versatile and convenient UPC in loose leaf format is what you need with you on your next project or job. 

The new editions feature a wealth of new information such as new standards for plumbing fixtures that are attached to walls, waste fittings, lavatories, showers, eyewash stations, whirlpool bathtubs and more! It also goes over the connector capacities for elbows in connectors and minimum capacity storage water heaters.  One of the other new features is the medical gas and vacuum systems are updated to the latest version of the NFPA 99.  Don’t wait and get slapped with hefty fines or worse because you haven’t complied with the new codes. Throw away that old copy of your codes and upgrade to the new ones today!

Table of Contents


  1. Administration
  2. Definitions
  3. General Regulations
  4. Plumbing Fixtures and Fixture Fittings
  5. Water Heaters
  6. Water Supply and Distribution
  7. Sanitary Drainage
  8. Indirect Wastes
  9. Vents
  10. Traps and Interceptions
  11. Storm Drainage
  12. Fuel Gas Piping
  13. Health Care Facilities and Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum Systems
  14. Firestop Protection
  15. Alternate Water Sources for Nonpotable Applications
  16. Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment Systems
  17. Referenced Standards

Appendices Table of Contents