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2018 Uniform Plumbing Code SC

Product Code/ISBN: 10-181T

This essential standard for the plumbing industry come packed with updated codes and additional standards to ensure that compliance is not only mandatory but also easy.  The Uniform Plumbing Code is developed under the ANSI Consensus process and is designated as an American national standard by the American National Standards Institute.  Compliance with codes doesn’t mean it has to be difficult, with the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code compliance is made easy with the soft cover presentation.  With soft cover you don’t have to hassle or deal with loose papers which makes this code an extremely important one to bring with you on the next job or project. 

The code is created by hearing and receiving different suggestion made by those who would be affected by it.  This list includes those who are laborers, special experts, enforcing authorities, consumers, installers, maintenance workers, and manufacturers.  By including all those who would be affected by the code, the UPC is able to represent a diverse set of information and standards that can cover over a more specific area.  This code is specially developed to help you create and maintain safe and sanitary plumbing systems, but also allow the room for newer technologies to enter into the field.

This new sixth edition of the IAPMO Uniform Plumbing series includes some incredibly important updates and additions.  There are new requirements for drains, vent pipes, fittings, and waste.  There is new information regarding the requirements for overpressurized gas piping installation and fuel gas piping systems.  There is also a new peak water demand method which talks about the loads for water supply of single and multi family dwelling and how water can be conserved through plumbing fixtures and appliances.  If you work in the plumbing industry, this is one code you will not want to miss out on!