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2019 Ohio Residential Code, Loose Leaf

Product Code/ISBN: 3100L19OH

The 2019 Residential Code for Ohio establishes uniform requirements for the erection, construction, repair, alteration and maintenance of residential buildings, including construction of industrialized units. Although Ohio has had a commercial building code that has been applied statewide since the 1950s, the law exempted buildings constructed as one-, two- and three-family dwellings.

Ohio's model residential building code was adopted by a large percentage of jurisdictions but there continued to be a few Ohio communities where outdated codes were still being enforced and others where OBOA's code was amended enough to offset the value of the effort toward statewide uniformity. Therefore, in 2005, the Ohio Home Builders Association and others interested in code consistency and statewide uniformity worked with members of the Ohio legislature to enact HB 175, a bill that created a uniform, statewide residential code by establishing the Residential Construction Advisory Committee to advise the Board and gave the Board of Building Standards authority and responsibility to adopt a residential code. The bill was amended, passed both House and Senate, and was signed into law late spring of 2005.

The 2019 Ohio Residential Code is a fully integrated custom code based on the 2018 International Residential Code.