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2021 International Private Sewage Disposal Code® Soft Cover

Product Code/ISBN: 9781609839680

The International Private Sewage Disposal Code (IPSDC) is a model code that regulates minimum requirements for the installation of new or the alteration of existing private sewage disposal systems.

Where a building cannot be served by a public sewer system, the building site must be provided with a system for treating the waste water generated from the use of plumbing fixtures in the building. The IPSDC addresses site evaluations, materials, various soil absorption systems, holding tanks, cesspools and onsite waste water treatment systems.

The IPSDC provides a total approach for the onsite, safe disposal of the waste flow discharged to the plumbing fixtures in a building. The IPSDC is a specification- (prescriptive- ) oriented code with very few occurrences of performance-oriented text.

The IPSDC sets forth the minimum acceptable requirements for private sewage disposal systems in order to protect humans and the environment from insanitary conditions that would develop if waste flows were not rendered harmless.