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Product Code/ISBN: 9781455927241
NFPA 1, Fire Code, encompasses information and requirements from over 130 codes and standards. This set of self-adhesive index tabs saves time and improves accuracy in navigating the hundreds of pages of code and handbook content. Just stick tabs to the sections you need for your work and flip directly to the right page every time. The NFPA 1, Fire Code, Self-Adhesive Index Tabs are compatible with the new 2021 edition. The set includes 71 tabs for marking content within the code’s chapters and annex sections. Tabs are white with black text printed both horizontally and vertically for easy identification. NFPA 1 Tabs are a must-have for fire marshals, inspectors, code officials, facility owners and managers, and anyone responsible for building and life safety. Give yourself a productivity boost and competitive edge by ordering your set today.