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2022 NFPA 409 Standard on Aircraft Hangars

Product Code/ISBN: 9781455928545

Keep pace with rapidly changing aircraft hangar safety requirements by referencing the significantly updated NFPA 409, 2022 edition.

There are safety considerations and hazards unique to aircraft hangars that must be accounted for to help protect lives and property. NFPA 409, Standard on Aircraft Hangars, provides the specifications and requirements for the construction and fire protection of buildings or structures intended to house aircraft.

The standard covers all sizes and varieties of aircraft hangars utilized for storage, maintenance, and other applications.

Content covers:
The 2022 edition features extensive revisions to reflect cutting-edge engineering principles, the most current test data, and collected field experience.

  • Referenced publications and general and NFPA definitions
  • Aircraft hangar group classifications
  • Group I and II aircraft hangar construction
  • Group I and II aircraft hangar protection
  • Group III and IV aircraft hangars
  • Paint hangar construction and fire protection
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance
  • Special provisions for unfueled aircraft hangars

NFPA 409, Standard on Aircraft Hangars, is a vital resource for everyone from architects, designers, and engineers to contractors, installers, and facility and construction managers. The 2022 standard includes a variety of notable changes that may be relevant to your work and industry.

Edits to this edition include:
Access the criteria and guidance for better protecting aircraft hangars from the source you trust at NFPA.

  • New provisions and updates to existing sections of NFPA 409
  • Added sections in Chapter 1 on application and retroactivity to allow for their use within the standard
  • Several new definitions in Chapter 3 to provide further context for the technical changes made during this revision cycle
  • Introduction of Chapter 4, “Fire Protection Approaches”, to allow for an evaluation of the fire risks and hazards for an aircraft hangar as found on a specific site
  • New Chapter 5, “Performance-Based Design Approach”, to complement Chapter 4, permitting the use of a performance-based design for aircraft hangars based on specified criteria and a final approval performed by the authority having jurisdiction
  • Added section in Chapter 6 on ignitable liquid drainage floor assemblies to permit the use of this protection method within specified hangars
  • Revised Chapter 11 outline and new inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements that have applicability across several NFPA® documents
  • Changes to other existing requirements, as well as updates pertaining to general organization and reference publications


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