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2023 BNi BRONZE Cost Database

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552617

Database Download

How would you like an EASY way to find, copy and paste the cost data from BNi Building News into your estimates and bids?

Here it is.  The BNi BRONZE Cost Database -- a detailed listing of over 7,000 of the most frequently used construction cost items, with up-to-date labor, material and equipment costs for each one.

This up-to-date database thoroughly covers all CSI MasterFormat Divisions -- from earthwork to electrical … from asphalt to acoustical tile. It comes in an easily searchable Excel file so you can quickly find what you're looking for. Then all you have to do is cut/paste the data into your own estimating templates or worksheets and you’re done!

DOWNLOAD NOW! As soon as you order the BRONZE Cost Database, you will be able to instantly download a zip file containing:

  • An Excel file with two worksheets.  Each worksheet contains the full database. The first worksheet is formatted so you can quickly drill-down to the items you are searching for.  The second worksheet presents you with a more visual approach to the data, which more clearly corresponds to the accompanying eBook.

  • A pdf eBook presenting everything in the BRONZE database along with a complete set of regional cost modifiers.

  • A pdf guide to getting the most from the BRONZE database.

This is not an estimating program.  It is a complete dataset you can use to copy and paste individual cost items into your own templates and worksheets.  You can even save the data as a .csv file and import it into Microsoft Access or other database tools.

Drill down to the data you need!

Using the search features of Microsoft Excel, you can quickly drill down to individual cost items. Using the CSI MasterFormat, you can search by main divisions, sub-divisions, and major classifications.

Licensed for a single, individual user, the BNi BRONZE cost database includes the man hours, material, labor, and equipment costs for over 7,000 items used in construction.  Organized in the CSI MasterFormat, the data in this Excel file lets you quickly and easily search for and find the cost items you want to include in an estimate or bid.  You can then copy and paste the data into your own estimate, and multiply the values by your quantities and by your markup rates. 

If you’re like most estimators who prefer using their own worksheets and templates, we think you will find this database invaluable.