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A Horse of a Different Color: Marketing to the Public Sector

Product Code/ISBN: 1555382681

In private sector marketing, we approach clients based on a relationship. The public sector is a different kind of client. Much of the marketing approach is dictated by law, and involves public documents, transparent processes, written submittals, interviews and selection based on technical qualifications.

Some marketing strategies common to the private sector cannot be used in the public sector. A Horse of a Different Color explains the legal basis of the public procurement process, highlights differences between public and private sector marketing, points out the dangers in these differences, and describes ways to navigate the dangers and market your products to public agencies within allowable and proven practices.

Bernie Siben, CPSM, A/E marketer, writer and instructor, uses his own experience and survey responses from public procurement officials and senior A/E marketers to help you understand the "can do's" and "can't do's" before you do anything that might lead to potentially unfixable mistakes.