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ACCA Manual S Residential Heating and Cooling 2nd

Product Code/ISBN: 9781892765581

Manual S shows you how to select and size heating and cooling equipment to meet loads for a particular home, which are based on local climate and home construction specifics. Contractors in Miami, Phoenix, and Seattle -- all extremely different climates -- would never use the same equipment and expect the same results.

Manual S provides sizing requirements for 11 types of cooling and heating equipment, as well as in-depth explanations and examples of how to use manufacturer's performance data.

New for this edition:

  • Contains new sizing rules that recognize multi- and variable speed equipment with larger over sizing limits
  • Covers 11 types of equipment (previous version covered only four)
  • Heat pumps in heating dominated locations have an optional oversizing procedure
  • There are an increased number of example problems for Manual S procedures, as well as explanations of details/nuances (for contractors and educators)
  • The book is reformatted so the first sections contain mandatory code official language


  • Comprehensive performance data compared with ARI Directory data for air conditioners and heat pumps, and the presentation formats used by different manufacturers
  • How ventilation loads and air distribution system loads affect equipment size and performance
  • How to determine the condition of the air approaching the cooling coil when outdoor air is introduced into the return side of the duct system, including specific tables and charts
  • Cooling-only equipment, air to air heat pumps, water to air heat pumps, dual fuel heat pumps, multispeed and variable speed equipment
  • Why the "400 CFM per ton rule" is a myth, why the blower CFM is exclusively defined by the sensible heat equation, why lower DX coil air flow rates are compatible with humid climates, and why water source refrigeration cycle equipment should not be sized to satisfy the design heating load
  • Thermal balance point diagrams for heat pumps
  • Economic balance points for dual fuel applications