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ADA & Building Transportation, Fourth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 1886536996

You may find yourself asking the question, "What accessibility standard do I follow?":

  • ADAAG?
  • FHAA?
  • MGRAD?
  • UFAS?
  • ANSI A117?
  • Local requirements?

Many are of the mistaken impression they must only comply with the ADA regulations. While ADA regulations have taken center stage, they do not apply universally. This handbook on accessibility regulations for elevators, platform lifts, and escalators contains rationale for the requirements; explanations, examples, and excerpts from the codes, standards, and regulations that are referenced.

The information was compiled from committee minutes, correspondence and interpretations, as well as conversations with past and present personnel involved with the development, implementation, enforcement and interpretation of accessibility regulations. The original intent for many of the requirements is obscure in the records. The authors have tried to convey, through text and illustrations, the results of the requirements as applied to equipment installed today.

With all of this information, you will have a better comprehension of, and appreciation for, the various accessibility requirements!