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Architectural Acoustics

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470190524

Architectural Acoustics is the most complete guide to acoustics for architects, engineers, and interior designers.  This must-have manual will help you stay up-to-date with basic concepts, materials, and technologies when it comes to sound and the design of your building.  It covers basic principles, different materials, strategies, and the methods you can use to enhance sound in your buildings!

Also included in this edition are real life case studies to not only enhance your experience, but to help you see how these concepts are applied in real buildings.  Don’t miss out on a chance to add this valuable text to your library!


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Chapter 1 Introduction to Architectural Acoustics and Basic Principles


1.2Basic Concepts

1.3Design Criteria

1.4Selected Standards in Building Acoustics

Further Reading

Case Study: Fogg Art Museum Lecture Hall, Harvard University


Chapter 2 Acoustical Materials and Methods

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Sound Attenuation

2.3 Sound Absorption 44

2.4 Common Building Materials

2.5 Acoustical Materials

2.6 Special Devices

2.7 Performance Tables


Further Reading

Selected Web Resources

Case Study: Duke University Chapel: A Lesson on Acoustical Materials

Case Study: Boston Waterfront Development Under a Flight Path: Sound-Isolating Façade

Construction to Reduce Intrusive Noise

Case Study: Berklee College of Music: Sound-Isolating Constructions Between Percusssion Studios


Chapter 3 Building Noise Control Applications

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Acoustical Analysis

3.3 Standards Organizations for the Building Industry

3.4 Overview of Building Noise Control Design

3.5 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning System Noise Control


Further Reading

Case Study: Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts: Cooling Tower Sound Isolation

Case Study: Field Impact Insulation Class Rating Measurements of Condominium Floor/Ceiling Construction

Case Study: Noise Insulation Class Rating Measurements of a Hotel Guestroom Door

Case Study: 500 Atlantic Avenue Hotel, Condominium Building Vibration Isolation


Chapter 4 Acoustical Design: Places for Listening

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Sound Outdoors and Transition to Indoor Acoustics

4.3 Concert Halls and Recital Halls

4.4 Opera Houses, Theaters, General-Purpose Auditoriums and Worship Spaces

4.5 Other Places for Speech and Music Activities


Further Reading

Case Study: Holy Cross Church, Dewitt, New York

Case Study: Mitchell Hall at the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware – Historic Renovations

Case Study: The New Hitchcock Presbyterian Church, Scarsdale, New York

Case Study: Katherine M. Elfers Concert Hall at the Esther Eastman Music Center, Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut

Case Study: Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox, Massachusetts

Case Study: Hollywood Bowl Stage Redesign, Los Angeles, California


Chapter 5 Sound Systems

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Loudspeaker Systems

5.3 Equipment

5.4 Examples of Sound Reinforcement and Reproduction Systems

5.5 Special Sound System Installations

Further Reading

Case Study: Hanover Theatre, Worcester, Massachusetts

Case Study: Agganis Arena and Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Case Study: Ave Maria University Oratory, Ave Maria, Florida

Case Study: University of Connecticut Student Union, Storrs, Connecticut

Case Study: Rhode Island Senate Chamber, Providence, Rhode Island

Case Study: Tufts University Granoff Music Center, Medofrd, Massachusetts

Case Study: Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois


Chapter 6 Recent Innovations in Acoustical Design and Research

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Understanding and Measuring Room Acoustic Qualities

6.3 Acoustical Modeling and Aural Simulation

6.4 Other Directions in Architectural Acoustics Research

6.5 Conclusions


Further Reading

Case Study: Recent Halls for the Performing Arts and Acoustical Model Studies

Case Study: Segerstrom Hall, Orange County Performing Arts center, Orange County, California

Case Study: McDermott Concert Hall, Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, Texas

Case Study: Evangeline Atwood Concert Hall, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Anchorage, Alaska

Case Study: Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, Texas

Case Study: The esplanade Concert hall, Theaters on the Bay, Singapore

Case Study: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Takemitsu, Memorial, Tokyo Japan

Case Study: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California

Case Study: Computer Model Tests


Chapter 7 Sustainable Design and Aoucstics

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Organizations Leading the Green Building Movement

7.3 Acoustical Challenges of Green Design

7.4 Postoccupancy Evaluations of Green Buildings

7.5 Examples of Building Types Designed for Green Ratings

7.6 Conclusion


Further Reading

Internet and Web Resources

Case Study: Global Ecology Research Center at Stanford Univeristy, Palo Alto, California

Case Study: Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon, California

Case Study: Charles Salter Associates Tenant Improvement Office, San Francisco, California