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Architectural Detailing: Function, Constructibility, Aesthetics

Product Code/ISBN: 9781118881996

What’s the key to a successful building design? Wonder no more with Architectural Detailing: Function, Constructability, Aesthetics. This is a fantastic, must-have guide that won’t just explain to you the basic concepts of building design but show you through exceptional illustrations. The illustrations show you how to avoid leaks in your designs, increase and control waterflow, and make sure the design is easy to construct. This is a must-own book for anyone who deals with building designs or wants to add something different to their new work.

The information found in this book is based on the International Building Code 2012. There are sections on sustainable design and new materials for construction. Most of the architecture is US based, but for the sake of being a well-rounded resource there is information on geographies and areas outside of the states. Anyone can design a living space or office space, but the question is can you do with integrating everything according to code or how your clients want it.

Learn how to make designs that aren’t only the cutting edge in what’s new and innovative today, but will last a lifetime and age in grace. Understand what makes a great design and include all the stability and functionality you need to. Make your design dreams a reality with this easy to use manual. Don’t delay for your next project, order your copy today!

 Table of Contents

  1. Function Introduction
  2. Controlling Water
  3. Controlling Heat Flow
  4. Controlling Water Vapor
  5. Controlling Sound
  6. Accommodating Movement
  7. Providing Structural Support
  8. Providing Passages for Mechanical and Electrical Services
  9. Health and Safety
  10. Providing for the Aging of the Building
  11. Constructability Introduction
  12. Ease of Assembly
  13. Forgiving Details
  14. Efficient Use of Construction Resources
  15. Aesthetics
  16. Aesthetics Introduction
  17. Detail Development
  18. Applying the Detail Patterns
  19. Getting Started