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Architectural Details : Classic Pages from Architectural Graphic Standards

Product Code/ISBN: 471412708

Architectural Details: Classic Pages from Architectural Graphic Standards 1940-1980 is truly a unique text bringing back some of the older architecture plans used during those time periods.  These older building models and ideas are not present in the current editions of Architectural Graphic Standards but that does not mean they are not important to the architect community.  The ideas presented in this book are taking from the fourth through seventh editions of Architectural Graphic Standards. By going back in time and looking at the designs from 1940-1980 you don’t only see how far we have come in our design process, you can also bring back some of the lost art! Chapters include information on residential design, fireplaces, landscaping, stairs, and solar control.  The real gem of information in this must-have manual are the chapters that cover roofing systems, beam framing, stonework and terra.

If you are an architect or designer looking for something different to bring to your designs, or maybe curious about our more present history in architecture then this is the book for you! Filled with both visual and text examples of how architecture was during the 1940-1980 this will be a great addition to your library.  Filled with 432 pages of information, you are guaranteed to find something you didn’t know before and something new you can bring to your firm.  Be an innovator and bring back the architecture of yesterday! Don’t start you next project without grabbing a copy of this essential book.

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note

About the Editor


Preface to the Fourth Edition

Preface to the Fifth Edition

Preface to the Sixth Edition

Preface to the Seventh Edition

General Planning and Design Data




Wood and Plastics

Thermal and Moisture


Doors and Windows

Interior Stairs and Stairwells


Conveying Systems


Energy and Environmental Design