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Architecture Residential Drafting & Design 13th Ed.

Product Code/ISBN: 9781649259738
Architecture: Residential Drafting and Design, an ADDA-approved publication, provides comprehensive instruction for preparing architectural working drawings using traditional and computer-based methods. The text also serves as a reference for design and construction principles and methods. Featuring numerous interesting photos of residences and architectural features, this up-to-date, introductory text provides instruction in three primary areas of residential architecture: architectural design, construction methods, and architectural drafting.

Its highly effective format organizes content in a logical order of use around the design-building process, making the text easy to understand and appealing to students and instructors. Coverage of green building technology, sustainable design, and building information modeling (BIM) complement foundational learning. Each chapter includes objectives, key terms, Internet resources, review questions that assess multiple levels of learning, and suggested activities for individuals or small groups to facilitate learning and challenge students to use residential design principles and problem-solving skills.