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ARE 5 in a Flash!

Product Code/ISBN: 9781591265320

Looking for the perfect way to study for the next architect’s registration exam? Tired of creating your own flash cards and missing some of the core material?  Then you need the ARE 5 in a Flash! The ARE (Architect Registration Exam) 5 in a Flash will help you nail down those key words you have been missing and nail down the score you have been looking for!  There are more than 400 flashcards that will help you recall and remember key concepts and definitions.  Each card has been organized and categorized by exam division and section to make sure you are using your time in the most efficient way possible.  The divisions include programming and services, project management, construction and evaluation, project development and documentation, project planning and design and practice management.  The cards are also provided to you with six binder rings so that you can organize them in any way you want!

 Each division of ARE 5.0 is represented through the cards, but also comes with exclusive and unique content.  The cards are written in both question/answer and answer/question format to cater specifically to your best study methods.  Whether you just need to brush up on the last couple of concepts or you are looking for a start to great study habits, ARE 5 in a Flash! are a must-have!

 About the Architect Registration Exam: The exam has had a changing history over the years, shifting from a more multiple choice format in the 1950s to what we have in our present day which includes fill-ins and graphs.  There used to be seven different exams, but in 2016 it was reduced down to six. For more information on how you can pass the ARE go to where you will find study guide, test help, and everything you need to know to be prepared for the test.