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ARE 5 Practice Exam for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE5PX)

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This ARE 5 Practice Exam has 6 practice exams in line with the NCARB Architect Registration Exam divisions and format. All exam areas are presented with one practice exam for each ARE 5.0 section. The question format in this book imitates the exam and includes hot spot, drag-and-place, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and check-all-that-apply. Included are real-world applicable problems to help you understand and fully flesh out unique architectural concepts. There are also long winded more detailed case-study style problems that will test your analytical, theoretical, conceptual, and ability to apply related Architectural concepts in an exam format. These practice exams are created to help you, the reader, increase your time management skills when it comes to taking an exam. As you know, the Architect Registration Exam is timed and will require you to recall knowledge and concepts outlined in this book. With the right intent and hard work you will learn to complete each exam provided in the allotted time as the actual exam. At the end of this book there are six answer keys that will provide thorough and clearly explained solutions to help you check and reinforce what has been asked and what you have answered. These solutions demonstrate the most efficient and accurate way to approach these questions and will guide you to eventually pass the Architect Registration Exam.

More specifically, the topics covered in this book are: construction & evaluation, project development & documentation, project planning & design, programming & analysis, practice management, and project management. In summary, the ARE 5 Practice Exam for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE5PX) will help you solve problems under time restrictions, confidently. As well as help you best navigate through exam-enforced codes and standards. It should also teach you to successfully join conceptual Architecture to real-world exam-like problems. And by the end of this practice you will be able to quickly recognize the best and most efficient way to solve Architectural problems, and more importantly, pass the Architect Registration Exam!