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ARE 5 Practice Problems for the Architect Registration Exam

Product Code/ISBN: 9781591265160

This ARE 5 Practice Exam for the Architect Registration Exam has more than 500 engaging problems set as practice exams to match all of the 6 ARE 5.0 sections. It is created to help you back up your knowledge on the topics presented in the ARE 5 Review Manual. The problems are short and realistic, ones that you would find in an every day life of an architect. The style of exam-questions are as follows: case study, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-place, hot spot formulas, and including multiple choice. There are also very concise, thoroughly explained solutions that are provided for each question to help the reader fully understand the concepts being taught. More specifically, these Practice Exam questions will help you to efficiently become familiar with the problem formats and show you the length of detail gone into with each subject. It will also help you consciously connect relate-able theories and subjects in Architecture to exam-like, real-world problems. As well as includes the organization to help you quickly locate accurate and the best ideal way to solve the problems presented. One last thing this book prepares you for is the ability to think analytically about your subject in real-world application which will require essential knowledge and skills that teach the reader to be multi-versed in all aspects of Architecture.

The ARE divisions covered are as follows: construction & evaluation, project development & documentation, project planning & design, programming & analysis, practice management and project management. All these steps are critical to the Architecture process and way of life. It is recommended you purchase this book for the most accurate, up to date, most applicable Practice Exam on the market. By the end of studying this book, with the right intent, you should be able to connect relevant theory and concepts to exam related problems. You should be able to quickly recognize the most efficient and best way to solve problems given in Architecture. You will be given the fundamental skills and analytical tools to best prepare for the registration exam.