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ARE 5 Review Manual for the Architect Registration Exam

Product Code/ISBN: 9781591265153

Doing well on an Architect Registration exam requires the best possible study materials. The ARE 5 Review Manual is the best resource for this test, enabling you to pass all six divisions of ARE 5. This single copy gives you a full review of the content that is going to be in all ARE 5 divisions. It has areas that are new as well as goes over recent developments in pre-construction activities, sustainable design, project delivery and several other parts of the architectural field. There are over 150 example problems that help show how to apply important architectural ideas, codes and standards to a contextual exam. This book also features several industry-standards examples with nomenclature and terminology that is used in the real world of architecture. This review manual cross references more than 400 tables, figures, and graphs and will provide the reader with additional support knowledge and information if needed. The index of this book contains thousands of entries to help you study for this exam in the easiest way by enabling the search for direct content with the use of this well prepared index.

More specifically, this book includes a complete review and thorough coverage of all content divisions and their sections, provides several example problems, and industry-standard nomenclature and terminology is also used to familiarize the reader with applicable language as well as conceptual knowledge. Lastly, there are exam strategies, tips and a little advice given to up and coming architects, written by professionals who have knowledge to pass down.

This guide clarifies industry-standard knowledge, tips and tricks, and best routes to conceptually and textually solve problems that will be present in the Architect Registration Exam, which is intended to prepare you for the real world of being an architect. Even after you pass your exam, the ARE 5 Review Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference throughout your architectural career.