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Atlas Basic Construction Math Review 3rd Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 250008307

Algebra, arithmetic and geometry don’t come easy by themselves, but join them together in the construction field and you’re confused faster than you’ll admit.  Luckily the Atlas Basic Construction Math Review, 3rd Edition is available to you for all your construction math needs.  With 104 pages of equations, problem solving, explanations, definitions and essential math assistance you won’t ever want to go out on the job site without it.  The 3rd edition features updated information and help to keep you in the know with the latest problems.  Everyone needs a refresher course, or if math has never been your area of expertise than this must-have manual will help you immensely! Whatever your math construction needs are, the Atlas Basic Construction Math Review, 3rd Edition is the book you need to add to your collection!


The Atlas Basic Construction Math Review, 3rd Edition, features:

  • Reduction of fractions
  • Round off decimals
  • Division of decimals
  • Conversions
  • Changing percent to common fractions
  • Different percentage changes
  • Ratios
  • Proportions and their changes
  • The fundamentals of Algebra such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, divisions, and the algebraic expressions steps and solutions
  • How to solve equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, divisions and transposition
  • The power of roots and how to find their solutions
  • Board feet
  • Parallelograms
  • Hexagons
  • Cylinders
  • How to find different shapes’ areas and volumes
  • Common equivalent units
  • Lineal food table of board measure
  • Fractions converted to decimals
  • Lengths of common rafters per 12 inches of run
  • Decimals of a foot
  • Squares, cubes and their respective square roots. 
  • How to deal with fractions involving addition, subtraction, multiplications, division, and cancellation
  • How to include decimals in your plans and how to add them into different equations