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AWS Welding Inspection Handbook, Fourth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780871718556

Supports the work of thousands of inspectors and supervisors with increasingly stringent quality-assurance responsibilities.

Not too deep and not too abridged, this edition earns the rank of "handbook" with its no-nonsense style, clarity of detail, and logical progression of information -- with chapters on:

  • Operations
  • Inspection
  • Safety
  • QA
  • Ferrous welding metallurgy
  • Preheating/postweld heat treating
  • Discontinuities
  • Qualification of WPSs
  • Qualification of Welders
  • Destructive Testing
  • Proof tests
  • Nondestructive examination methods
  • Metrics
  • Standards
  • Symbols

Use this invaluable training reference to help inspectors, engineers, and welders evaluate the difference between discontinuities and rejectable defects!