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Basic Plumbing with Illustrations, Revised Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 0934041997

Written by a master plumber, this edition of Basic Plumbing with Illustrations has been completely revised.

It is the journeyman's and apprentice's guide to installing plumbing, piping, and fixtures in residential and light commercial buildings:

  • How to select the right materials
  • Lay out the job and do professional-quality plumbing work
  • Use essential tools and materials
  • Make repairs
  • Maintain plumbing systems
  • Install fixtures
  • And add to existing systems!

Basic Plumbing with Illustrations is also a handy reference book for designers, engineers, and draftsmen. There are a lot of illustrated examples showing best practices when laying out residential and light commercial plumbing that minimize extra fittings, are UPC compliant, and work for both stacked and flat systems.

Also handy are rough-in dimensions for common fixtures, drain, waste and vent sizing charts, and cold and hot water supply sizing information that includes a great explanation of solar hot water heating methods. Includes extensive study questions at the end of each chapter, and a section with all the correct answers.