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Basic Structures - Third Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781118950876

Structural engineering is a key part of the design of the entire built environment. How a structure, for example a building or bridge, behaves when subjected to various forces – the weight of the materials that were used to build it, the weight of the occupants in it or the traffic it carries, the force of the wind, etc. – is fundamental to its success.

Basic Structures was written to:

  • Explain structural concepts using analogies and examples to illustrate the key points
  • Express the mathematical aspects of the subject as clearly as possible and in context with the concepts involved
  • Maintain reader interest by using real-life examples and case histories to underline the relevance of the material

This book provides a clear explanation of structural concepts using many analogies, diagrams, clear examples, and exercises. These concepts are illustrated in a range of case studies. Many full-color photographs and line illustrations are included as well.