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Beyond Strategic Planning

Product Code/ISBN: 9780967448916

In the engineering, architecture, and construction industries, change is happening at an accelerating rate. Technology is transforming the way firms do business. Clients and competitors are putting new demands on firms to operate and perform in new and exciting ways.

This book is a comprehensive look at the strategic planning process as a key tool in helping firms address and come to terms with the important issues that affect their business. It's all about managing change. It helps firms allocate their scarce human and financial resources on the opportunities that offer the greatest chance for long-term success.

Jerry Sincoff, President & CEO, HOK Architects says: "Beyond Strategic Planning is a must-read for all architects...I personally hope it becomes a classroom textbook. The book provides a foundation to understand the complexities engineers, architects, and construction companies must rationalize to become effective. The tools and questions it offers are productive techniques to start a meaningful dialogue among company principals."

Richard H. Stanley, Chair, The Stanley Group says: "Beyond Strategic Planning outlines a workable and effective way to create and implement productive strategies...This book is an excellent resource for those who would manage their firms for tomorrow, not just for today."

Vernie G. Lindstrom, Jr., Former CEO of Kitchell Construction and Principal of Lindstrom and Associates says: "I find Beyond Strategic Planning: Developing and Implementing Winning Strategies to be a complete text of the strategic planning issues I have dealt with as both a CEO and a consultant to over 30 construction companies on the subject. Those companies that have developed the strategic thinking concept are the real winners in the construction company. It provides the vision, direction, and focus throughout the organization."

About the Author: Clare G. Ross, CMC, is one of the top management consultants in the country serving the A/E/C professions. His experience comes from being there. As a former principal, chief operating officer, and marketing director with three ENR Top 500 design and construction firms, he has hands-on experience developing and implementing strategies that work. He understands the unique problems of firms of all sizes. He has helped hundreds of them dramatically improve their operating results.

Clare's expertise covers a range of full-scale active strategic marketing plans that:

  1. Have built-in accountability designed to get results
  2. Focus on market positioning to take advantage of unique strengths
  3. Ensure effective implementation -- getting the job done