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BNi Building News Mechanical/Electrical Costbook 2021 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588551993

New 2021 Edition available July 17th! Order now to get your copy as soon as it is released and get FREE shipping using Discount Code B101.

With the mechanical and electrical portions of a building typically accounting for 30% of construction costs, it is essential that your estimate of these costs be right on the money.

And with the 2021 BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook you don't have to worry.  It puts thousands of current, reliable mechanical and electrical costs at your fingertips, so you can estimate quickly and accurately. All of the data is organized according to the industry standard CSI MasterFormat so you can find everything you need fast.

What's more, the 2021 BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook offers Geographic Modifiers allowing you to tailor your estimates to specific areas of the country. Every cost item has been carefully researched and updated. 

This type of work is very specialized and includes materials and installations which require detailed pricing, including piping, valves, duct work , fans, chillers, condensers, conduit, transformers and more. It also breaks down the installation and materials costs of all different types of architectural equipment for laboratories, food services, laundry, maintenance, industrial and medical, and much more. You also get man-hours for all installation work, providing you with maximum coverage and flexibility.

Make estimating costs easy and order your 2021 BNi Mechanical/Electrical Costbook now!

Free pdf eBook version available upon request! By purchasing this Costbook, you will also receive the 2022 version on a no-risk free-trial basis.