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BNi General Construction Costbook 2021 Edition - with Assemblies (print + pdf download)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588551931

The most comprehensive and accurate cost coverage for all aspects of construction

• Over 12,000 accurate, up-to-date unit costs
• Man-hour data• Estimating reference tables • Geographic cost modifiers

Plus - new for 2021 - Assemblies!

Printed book PLUS instant pdf eBook download

The BNi General Construction Costbook now includes Assemblies tables listing systems for commercial construction, each broken down by its respective unit price components.  This new section provides construction costs by assembly type, represented by the major categories designated by ASTM E1557-09.

As it has for over 30 years, the BNi General Construction Costbook continues to provide the most comprehensive and accurate cost coverage for all aspects of construction -- from sitework and concrete to doors and painting. The 2021 BNi General Construction Costbook is broken down into material, labor and equipment costs, to allow for maximum flexibility and accuracy in estimating. You'll find this data invaluable when preparing detailed estimates, bids, checking prices, and calculating the impact of change orders. What's more, for each item you get the man-hours per unit so you can see the basis for the labor costs based on standard productivity rates.

All data is categorized according to the CSI division format. This industry standard provides an all-inclusive checklist to ensure that no element of a project is overlooked. In addition, to make specific items even easier to locate, there is a complete alphabetical index.

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Make estimating construction costs easy and order your 2021 BNi General Construction Costbook now!

The 584-page printed book is available now and will be shipped to you immediately.  You will also receive the fully searchable pdf eBook version instantly upon purchase.  

Please note that you will automatically receive the 2022 Edition on a no-risk free-trial basis.