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Bold Brand

Product Code/ISBN: 9780983330745

The new rules for differentiating, branding, and marketing your professional service firm In the past, most professional services firms could get by simply relying on traditional marketing tactics.

For most firms, networking, attending benefit dinners, advertising in the Yellow Pages, and merely adding the new partner's name to the office sign was enough to stay top of mind. Today, everything has changed. Even traditional industries need to figure out how to differentiate and compete in our digital, socially-networked society.

Bold Brand is a process that any professional services firm can follow to identify, develop, and leverage their brand essence to market themselves in a truly unique way. Today's professional services marketers know that if they want to stand out, they have to do something different.

Read Bold Brand to find out how, and get ready to get Bold! Author Josh Miles shares his unique his unique point of view on branding, design, and marketing has been sought after by organizations, corporations, and university design programs.