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Build Like a Pro: Working with Tile

Product Code/ISBN: 1561586773

Clear, step-by-step installation instruction from a veteran tile-setter will help you in each stage of the job. Covers installing tile in all areas of the home, as well as different types of tile -- including ceramic, stone, slate, and glass. Few building materials can match tile for durability, beauty, design -- and increasingly, popularity.

Working with Tile combines an inspiring diversity of design ideas with well-illustrated, pro-level installation and repair techniques. Working with Tile begins with a full range of design inspiration and options, with chapters on the characteristics, pros, and cons of different types of tile. Included here is a varied selection of completed tile installations, both indoor and outdoor.

Next come the details on tools and materials required for different tiling projects. This part of the book contains trade secrets, tool-buying tips, common grouting techniques, and safety procedures -- all designed to help readers get the most professional results possible.

The remainder is taken up with specific projects based on the authors' extensive tiling installation and repair experience. Using a highly visual approach, this section enables them to follow a typical tiling project from start to finish, through concisely captioned step-by-step photos.