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Builder's Guide to Foundations & Floor Framing

Product Code/ISBN: 0070518149

There's one sure way to grab your share of the lucrative residential foundation and floor framing market: the Builder's Guide to Foundations and Floor Framing. Veteran contractor Dan Ramsey guides you through techniques for planning, constructing, and maintaining safe and efficient foundations and floor framing.

You get insider tips on estimating, meeting code, preventing accidents and mistakes, working with new tools and materials and more -- advice you need to turn your expertise into big profits.

The crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions -- plus over 200 how-to drawings, forms, charts and worksheets -- make it easy to:

  • Analyze site conditions
  • Read construction plans and drawings
  • Design and install forms
  • Install porch floors and retaining walls
  • Work with concrete floor slabs
  • Install precast concrete
  • Design, build, and install wood foundations
  • Install posts and girders
  • And much more!