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Building an Affordable House

Product Code/ISBN: 1561585963

Written by a contractor who has been nationally recognized for his innovative approach to cost control, this book shows readers how to generate significant savings on major projects, such as building a new home or adding on to an existing one.

The first comprehensive guide of its kind, Building an Affordable House is for homeowners and building contractors who want to incorporate proven cost-saving techniques into their projects.

The first section provides an economical approach to planning projects, while the second reveals the quality-conscious, cost-cutting strategies the author has uncovered through direct construction experience and extensive consultation with industry experts.

The third section covers finish details from drywall to flooring, with emphasis on saving money without compromising quality or distinctive results. Handy features include floor plans, resource listings, and project management tools.

Building an Affordable House provides a foundation-to-finish review of the homebuilding process, showing where to save money at every step by using technological advances, and this is what makes the book unique.

It presents products available from your local ready-mix supplier alongside the newest framing connectors or plumbing fixtures. The author explains the concepts well, and his years of hands-on experience are evident throughout.