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Building Type Basics for Performing Arts Facilities

Product Code/ISBN: 9780471684381

The most important function of every theater is to provide an exceptional environment where audiences can see, hear, and enjoy the experience of a performance. By exploring the planning and design of theaters, Building Type Basics for Performing Arts Facilities helps architects and consultants create a space program and forge design solutions that meet the needs of theatergoers and those who finance, build, and run those theaters.

In this reference, a group of distinguished consultants contribute authoritative, real-world advice for theater design, stage technology, acoustic design, and lighting design. Principal author Hugh Hardy offers expert insight on theater planning and the project delivery process, as well as crucial coverage of the controversial topics of updating, preserving, and restoring historic theaters.

This indispensable guide:

  • Asks and answers twenty questions that frequently arise in the early phases of a project commission
  • Provides project photographs, diagrams, floor plans, and sections
  • Includes design guidelines for a variety of performing arts facilities, including new construction and renovation projects
  • Includes chapters by nationally recognized experts Leonard Auerbach, Joshua Dachs, Steven Friedlander, Keith Gerchak, Christopher Jaffe, Lawrence Kirkegaard, Paul Marantz, Jack Martin, Richard Pilbrow, Steve Pollock, Dawn Schuette, and Duncan Webb

This conveniently organized reference is an invaluable guide for busy, dedicated professionals who want to get moving quickly as they embark on a new project. It provides authoritative information instantly and saves architects and facility planners countless hours of research. Engineering consultants will also find in this volume a wealth of information to help them tackle performing arts facility commissions of every kind and scale.

If you work in designing or retrofitting theaters or stages you need this book nearby!