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Building Type Basics for Transit Facilities

Product Code/ISBN: 9780471273394

This book covers the essentials of designing transit facilities and features innovative transit station designs, including light and heavy rail, airports, and cruise terminals. Building Type Basics for Transit Facilities presents nuts-and-bolts guidelines and inspirational, real-world advice to jump-start superlative design projects for a variety of transit facilities.

Award-winning architect Kenneth Griffin, AIA, provides guidelines, cautionary advice, and lessons learned from a variety of actual transit design projects -- such as facilities serving heavy- and light-rail trains (including subways), airports, buses, and ships -- to steer everyone on a project toward making sound decisions early in the planning cycle. Descriptive illustrations and need-to-know information offer valuable coverage on such essential topics as ridership analysis, station-area development, vertical circulation, and safety and security issues.

This indispensable guide:

  • Asks and answers twenty questions that frequently arise in the early phases of a project commission
  • Provides project photographs, diagrams, floor plans, sections, and details
  • Includes design guidelines for a variety of transit facilities projects, including some of the most innovative contemporary designs

This conveniently organized quick reference is an invaluable guide for busy, dedicated professionals who want to get moving quickly as they embark on a new project. It provides authoritative information instantly and saves architects and facility planners countless hours of research. Engineering consultants will also find in this volume a wealth of information to help them tackle transit building commissions of every kind and scale.