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Carpentry, Sixth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826908094

The newly updated Sixth Edition of Carpentry provides a comprehensive approach to step-by-step carpentry skill development with an overview of tools and equipment, materials, and proven trade practices. This textbook contains 70 units designed to help develop and upgrade the skills and competencies required in the trade and introduces related concepts. This edition of Carpentry has been thoroughly updated while retaining the easy-to-use approach and design of the previous edition.

In addition, Carpentry includes expanded coverage of rigging and lifting equipment and procedures, adhesives, hand tools, portable and stationary power tools, building materials, hazardous material safety, green building and certifications, prefabricated panel forming systems, and column forms.

New content areas include energy auditing, high-definition surveying, building information modeling (BIM), micropiles, wind turbine foundations, composite and noncomposite concrete slabs, structural insulated sheathing, advanced framing and, lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting program.

Also includes:

  • Carpentry and Construction
  • Construction Materials
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Construction Equipment, Job Site Safety, and Working Conditions
  • Building Design and Printreading
  • Survey Instruments and Operations
  • Foundation and Outdoor Slab Construction
  • Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Frame Construction
  • Roof Frame Construction
  • Energy Conservation: Insulation and Construction Methods
  • Exterior Finish
  • Interior Finish
  • Post-and-Beam Construction
  • 1580 illustrations