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Collapse of Distinction

Product Code/ISBN: 9781595551856

Three formats for the price of one! And the freedom to experience your book in more ways than ever before. Can your customers tell the difference between you and the competition? It's not that we can't see the forest for the trees, it's just that these days, every tree looks exactly alike.

From big box retail to fast food to insurance - no one stands out. Distinction has collapsed into beige uniformity. And in today's tough economic times, this copycat uniformity is resulting in the death of businesses in every industry, says author Scott McKain. If a business is going to thrive, it has to rise above the fray.

In The Collapse of Distinction, McKain will help you understand the reasons behind the current quagmire of stifling sameness, and will give you the tools your company needs to step away from the competition.