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Construction Claims Manual for Residential Contractors

Product Code/ISBN: 0070318395

Conflicts over change orders are the bane of a residential contractor's existence. Not only do they slow the job down, but can result in costly litigation. This book makes claims and change orders easy. It's clear and concise, and packed with proven advice you can use to easily plan ahead to prevent annoying claims disputes - before you end up in court.

In straightforward language, free of "legalese", Construction Claims Manual for Residential Contractors tells you what you need to know abut the roles and responsibilites of the parties involved in the contract process. It describes the purposes of claims, Requests for Information, Requests for Clarification, and change orders, and helps you understand the important legal issues involved.

Don't be on the losing end when it comes to construction claims. Let this essential guide help you create the convincing paperwork that can ensure you get paid for all your work -- and increase your profits.

Using numerous time-saving sample forms, this practical manual shows you how to:

  • Prepare and establish change orders that protect your interests
  • Use change orders to generate profits
  • Maximize your compensation by exploiting hidden contract items
  • Resolve claims conflicts quickly without going to court
  • Reduce the cost of defending yourself when litigation is inevitable
  • Employ the right defense team and strategies to win construction claims

This books is like an insurance policy -- protecting you against construction claims. In the case a claim is filed, this book is like a lawyer -- helping you win from the process.