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Construction Contract Writer CD-ROM

Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182547

This CD-ROM asks you questions about your job, as you answer, it creates a custom contract legal for your state and your job. This unique software asks you questions about the job you're bidding on. Your answers help to write a contract that is customized to all the aspects of the job, as well as the unique contract laws of your state.

Written by a lawyer who is well versed in each state's unique contract requirements, this software will guarantee that you always will win should your job ever end up in court (provided that you've complied with your end of the contract requirements).

This program helps you write:

  • Residential and commercial prime and subcontracts
  • Cost-plus contracts
  • Green LEED construction contracts (commercial, IT, or gut-rehab)
  • Home improvement contracts
  • Pool contracts
  • Construction management (consulting) contracts

The program is easy-to-use and almost fun, but if for any reason you get stuck, click the "Get Help From an Attorney" button. You'll have an answer in 24 hours. No charge. No limit.